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Annexation – Political Gambit or Crowning Achievement?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As one that has made it my business to study and learn the true facts on the ground in Israel, allow me to weigh in on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent promise of applying Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is either extremely desperate for votes - or has finally determined to risk all and embrace a truth that he knows in his heart. Bibi will either prove himself as a true leader and “father” of future generations as he charts the way forward to a lasting solution of peace - or he will be the charlatan and failure his critics paint him to be.

No one can discount the risks or costs either way. It will either be an endless cycle of terrorism, war and innocent lives being lost compounded by the prospects of indefensible borders of a “2-state” plan or the immense costs associated with the risks of investment to provide Arabs and Jews living in Israel’s heartland with liberty, with freedom and an equality neither have ever known.

Unfortunately, human nature prefers to contend with the “devil” we know, than the unknown and uncertain risks of the future, even though those risks embody the possibility of peace and transformation.

No man or nation on earth is perfect and of course, Israel too has had her share of mistakes and disgrace over the years. But history and the reality of life in Israel today proves that the Jews are indeed a guiding light of democracy and justice in an otherwise dark region of the world where terror and the abuse of power prevails. When one can come to terms with the reason why and what actually empowers the Jewish people, then Bibi’s promise shines in a light that is otherworldly. Every Jew on earth has encoded within the spark of spiritual DNA. When that is followed, their actions will give life to the virtues of Torah and; “love thy neighbor as thyself…” [Lev 19:18] just as the needle of a compass that points north.

After 70+ years it’s time to give the Jewish people a chance and acknowledge that they have proved themselves capable. The world community has already beaten a path to Israel’s door seeking her wisdom and inventions in technology, science and medicine that is proving to be of more value and worth than Saudi or Gulf oil. The world too has come of age and no longer tolerates the Palestinian gig of “pay to slay” or of teaching and inciting Palestinian school children to hatred and murder of innocent Jews. Forcing the will of an unequal union with a party sworn to Jewish extermination has also abated.

This election is the time to give Israel a chance to demonstrate her place in the world as the moral leader and light to the nations that she was chosen to be. Allowing Bibi to fulfill his promise with official annexation will be the most significant action towards peace and Palestinian prosperity the world has ever seen. Though a risky venture, it still holds promise to usher in a new era of emancipation for millions of Arabs that would join the nearly 2 million others who are already live within Israeli jurisdiction.

For this reason I urge all my fellow Jewish brothers and sisters to consider your place in history! Please do not WASTE your vote on Tuesday! Rise to the occasion, lay aside your egos and be the people God intended you to be that will fulfill your God-given role on earth. The world is watching…and waiting!


Rev Anthony Abma


Return O' Israel

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